A throw-away world

A lot of people feel that pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the world today. But when we talk about pollution, what do we really mean?

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    17.01.2011 02:08


    Traditionally, countries with a lot of space like the US, dig huge holes in the ground and fill them up with trash and waste. But landfills can cause problems:

    they can give off the gas, methane;

    they can become too hot;

    they can leak into the surrounding land and water - which is particularly dangerous because of the chemicals that are dumped in landfills.


    Countries with less space, like Japan, burn a lot of their trash and waste.

    This can cause even worse problems than using landfills because it creates air pollution, putting dioxins and other poisonous substances into the atmosphere. Even when filters are used to reduce this problem, burning trash leaves toxic ash which must be burried somewhere.

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