Nothing lasts for ever

Pollution is not the only reason for recycling. It is important to reduce pollution, but there is another reason as well - the conservation of energy, materials and money.
Nothing lasts for ever. Almost all our energy comes from materials (oil, natural gas, etc.) which have been here since the world began. We are using them up very quickly. For example, unless we conserve our oil, it will only last for another twenty years. What will we do then?

Reusing (многократное использование) is the easiest and cheapest kind of recycling. It saves a lot of energy, materials and money. Glass containers are easy to reuse. In Britain, the milkman brings bottles of milk to houses and collects the empty milk bottles. The bottles are cleaned and refilled. Every milk bottle can be reused thirty times.

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    03.02.2011 16:49

    You can reuse different things and materials after their thermal treatment in the installation ENIMET.

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